May 3nd, 2017 Top News Headlines and Interview with Nick Moran of The Full Ratchet (Part 2), Venture Capital

In the News

President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke yesterday regarding the crisis in Syria.  Both agree that “suffering in Syria has gone on for far too long and that all parties must do all they can to end the violence.”  Discussion included the need for safe zones within Syria that might help achieve a lasting peace for humanitarian reasons.  The U.S. will also be sending a representative to the cease-fire talking in Astana, Kazakhstan on May 3rd and 4th.

Be sure to check out our podcast next week and our interview with Brian Williams, professor of Islamic history at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth who will explain the events in Syria that lead to the current situation.  

The Russian also met with German Chancellor Merkel and held a joint news conference.  Merkel revealed the possibility of lifting European sanctions against Russia and exploring cultural exchanges.

In light of recent, high profile, instances of customers being allegedly mistreated by U.S. airlines and by police, Congress held a four hour session in which they threatened the airline carriers with legislation.  Bill Shuster, Transportation Committee chairman said, “If airlines don’t get their act together, we are going to act; it is going to be one size fits all. Seize this opportunity because if you don’t, we’re going to come, and you’re not going to like it.”   Some remarks by Mr. Shuster:

In Tech News

Microsoft revealed a new Surface Laptop powered by Windows 10S and began taking pre-orders.  The new laptop is marketed toward college students, has a 13.5 inch screen and weighs just 2.76 pounds.  Prices start at $1000 and the new laptop will officially be available on June 15th.

Apple released its 2nd quarter earning report yesterday.  Earnings per share were $2.10 on revenue of $52.9 billion during the quarter which beat analysts’ expectations of $2.02 per share.  However, iPhone sales were down with Apple selling 50.76 million units during the quarter versus analysts’ estimates of 52 million.  Apple shares were down nearly 2% in after hours trading. The company is increasing the dividend it pays to stock holders to 63 cents per share up from 57 cents a share.

Apple Q2 Earning Report:  

BMW announced that it will producing their next generation of all electric vehicles, named the BMW iNEXT in 2021.  The new vehicle will include long range and autonomous driving capability.  

Multiply Labs, a California based company just raised $2.7 million in venture capital funding.  The company, a former Y Combinator participant, uses 3D printing technology to produce nutraceuticals which are pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements and food additives.   

Today’s Guest

Nick Moran, host of The Full Ratchet and General Partner at New Stack Ventures.

The Full Ratchet Podcast:

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